New Muck Boots

Muck boots are my friend.  I love my muck boots.  The ones I love the most are made by the Muck Boot Company.  I love my Muck Boots.

I was wearing my old Muck Boots when I was knocked down by my dogs and broke my ankle.  The paramedics had to cut the left boot off my foot since pulling it off wasn't going to work.  They weren't happy with my shrieking in pain the one time they tried it.  While I was laid up my husband threw out that pair of boots so I never got a look at the cut open boot.  

Muck Boots are fairly expensive - somewhere between $80 and $130.  Well worth the expense as far as I'm concerned since they are have a great tough protective sole, are waterproof and insulated so my feet are warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  And they last a long time before they develop leaks.  But the boots need to fit and trying them on my swollen ankle didn't make any sense.  This last several weeks, with my ankle sort of back to it's normal size and shape, I've been trying to find new Mucks.  

I bought my last several pairs of Mucks at my local feed store.  I love my local feed store.  Bernardo Farm & Ranch is just up the road 1/2 mile from my house.  Unfortunately, the Muck Boot Company has discontinued my favorite version of this boot.  They still make the tall ones and the steel toed ones but not my favorite version which is shorter.  Because of this change the feed store has switched the brand of muck boots they carry.  I'm just not thrilled with Bogs because they are much heavier.

I tried to find something useable at Academy and Walmart but nothing seemed to work.  My daughter suggested I try Amazon since lots of things that have been discontinued seem to be available there.  Eurika!

So my new Muck Boots are really Muck Boots from the Muck Boot Company.  They are slightly different than the ones that got cut off me but they are short and totally comfortable.

I also replaced my second most favorite wet weather boots.  These taller boots are much thinner but better for deeper water.  Peggy bought me my first pair of these and I replace them every time the previous pair springs a leak.

Now I'm all set for wet weather!