New Handspun Yarn

We have quite a pile of handspun yarn that's sitting here ready to be weighed, tagged, photographed and put up on the website.  Most of the 26 skeins were spun during the Tour de Fleece back in July. 

The yarn was spun and washed and then went to Peggy to be reskeined.  We reskein all our yarn. There are some indie dyers that manage to keep their yarn looking beautiful enough through the entire dyeing process they don't need to re-skein it.  Not so with us. Or more likely, me.  I tend to stir the dye pots and jostle the yarn.  Reskeining the yarn also shows you what the colors will look like when the yarn is knitted up, how the colors will mix.

It takes me longer to get handspun yarn up on the website than the commercial yarn we dye.  The commercial yarn is the same information for each skein - weight, number of plies, grist, etc.  Only the colors are different.  The handspun yarns are all individuals. Each skein is a different weight, grist, etc. so each tag must be printed individually.  It's not hard it just takes a bit more time.  Look for this new hand spun yarn to appear on the website over the next several weeks.