New Commercial Yarn

We just received our most recent order from Henry's Attic, Inc.  Most of our commercial yarn comes from Henry's Attic.  They sell beautifully spun yarns, many from Switzerland, Australia, and other fiber rich countries.  Once they arrive, I add a tag to each skein that includes our name for the yarn, the weight and number of yards, the fiber content and our price.  Some of the yarns are very distinctive but the idea that I might be able to tell each one apart from all the others once they are dyed is charming but totally untrue.  

This time we ordered nearly 50 pounds of yarn and most of it is wound into skeins to our specifications. Swiss Lace automatically comes in skeins 1000 yards which is perfect for lace weight yarns but many of the fingering, sport and worsted weight yarns come in skeins of 700 to 800 yards.  I love the larger skeins but they are oversized for someone who wants to knit a scarf.  We have those yarns wound into skeins that make more sense based on the grist of the yarn - fingering is 400 yards, sport is 350 yards, worsted is 200 yards, etc.

We do sell these yarns undyed at a savings so if you want to create your own dye magic, just give us a call.