New Colors

What with Peggy's hectic schedule and my own, we haven't been able to schedule a dye day recently.  We both know how to dye all on our own it's just so much more fun when we do it together.  


I'm in the process of measuring out and tagging fiber that Peggy dyed in her crock pots at home.  They are a beautiful turquoise blue and a stunning cherry red in Phoenix, an alpaca, CVM wool and mohair blend.

I'm working on some dye pots here myself.  I've pulled all the dyed fiber together in anticipation of the next show in Kellyville, OK at the end of this month.  When you look at the collection all together, the gaps in our range of colors is obvious.  We have some great colors in Panda, mostly leaning towards soft pastels.  They are beautiful but I'm working on some bolder colors.  With Panda that can be difficult because the superwash Merino dyes very differently than the cellulose rayon of bamboo.  I like what I'm getting!

We seem to have mostly pinks and purples left in our BFL/Silk and Polwarth/Silk blends. We need some more colors!  I'll be working on that too.