New Bench

I have talked before, raved really, about the wonderful chairs and benches that Walt Turpening makes.  I had a spinning chair and a weaving bench by Walt when I received my new Louet loom.  It seemed only reasonable to order a bench for that loom also. 

You have to have patience when you order from Walt.  He is good but he's not fast.  Or rather he might be fast if no one knew how wonderful his work is but everyone knows how wonderful his work is so there is always a queue.  Sometimes it's longer and sometimes it's shorter but I've never gotten anything from Walt in less than 13 months.

I ordered my new bench back on July 7th of 2016.  It came in the mail while Peggy and I were in Kerrville for the Kid 'n Ewe fiber festival November 9-11, 2018.  So a couple of weeks ago.  That works out to almost exactly 28 months of waiting.  Not a quick turn around but definitely worth the wait.  

Interestingly, my new bench, which is custom made for me using measurements of my loom and me, is about 3" taller than the wooden loom bench I've been using to weave on the Louet loom.  I think it's clear that if Walt was here and saw me weaving on the borrowed bench he would have told me to raise it those same 3".

I can't wait to see how I like the new height.  It nearly requires a small set of stairs to get up onto.  At this point I'm still warping the loom.  Yes, I have been working on it for quite a while.  Yes, it's been months and months.  I'll let you know what I think when I finally get to the weaving.