My Empty Studio

Of course, my studio isn't really empty.  There are three large floor looms here along with books and yarn and table and chairs. 

And the latest shipment of our favorite yarn bases is sitting here in the form of two large boxes that arrived before we left for the show last week.

But, all our inventory is still sitting out in the trailer.  We loaded the trailer the weekend before Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta in Seguin, TX and it's now the end of the week following Yellow Rose.  Our inventory has been packed and loaded, driven to Seguin, unloaded, unpacked, set up in our booth, packed up, loaded back into the trailer and driven home.  All that time, two weeks tomorrow, my studio has seemed very empty.

I love having an empty studio.  It lets me think about and focus on my weaving.  We could have unloaded the trailer when we arrived back from Seguin last Sunday morning but both Peggy and I were tired.  Yellow Rose was a great show as it always is, but somehow despite deciding we were only going to tackle small booths from now on, we somehow ended up with a large booth.  It's twice as much work to set up and twice as much work to tear down.  I was the one who wrote the check for our double booth so it is all up to me that we had a double one.  Don't quite know what I was thinking.

Not having unloaded the trailer when we got home meant that my husband and I would have to do it.  That means taking the time, probably over the span of a couple of days rather than doing it quickly with Peggy.  She does most of the heavy lifting in addition to all things logistical but putting it off made sense at the time. 

We missed our chance to unload in the sunshine.  It's been raining everyday since.  The rain is supposed to stop tonight and tomorrow, Mother's Day, is supposed to be sunny and dry with a dry north wind.  Looks like I will be spending my special day unloading the trailer.