My Coat Rack

I have a coat rack in my pantry.  I'm lucking that there is enough room in my pantry for a window and a coat rack.  The coat rack has six hooks but I only use three of them for my coats.  The others are behind the door and hanging coats there would make it difficult to get in.

Depending on the season, my coat rack may contain an ever changing collection of coats, jackets and shirts.  In the heat of summer it will probably only contain my rain jacket and a work shirt.  And the work shirt will most likely be used in the house which sometimes is over cooled.

In the winter the coat rack will have my rain jacket, a lined hooded sweatshirt which is my go-to barn coat, and some combination of lighter weight sweatshirt and/or my work shirt.  Right now it has my new down sweater.  It's not a real sweater, obviously.  It's a very light weight down jacket that is perfect for our very mild winters. 


I have two heavy coats but they live in the front closet.  One is a short men's jacket I stole from my husband (with his consent).  It's warmer than my lined sweatshirt and perfect for most of our coldest days.  The other is a knee length down coat that used to my mothers.  It's at least 30 years old and has several cigarette burn holes that my mother created.  I love the down coat.  It always reminds me of my mother and it's very warm.  It's a big boxy coat so it doesn't care what I weigh.  I could gain or lose 20 pounds and it would still fit me and be warm.

I have lots of other coats and jackets that live in the front closet and lots of sweatshirts that live in my bedroom closet.  Now that I think about it, it's probably time for me to go through all my jackets and coats and figure out which ones I can donate.  I really do have more than I need.