Mud Dyes on Yarn

Back in June, I received my first order of mud dyes from Loop of the Loom in New York City. My first trial with the new dyes was a set of natural color linen napkins. I loved the results - subtle but stunning.  Now it's time to try out the mud dyes on white yarn.

My first thought was to work with the white hemp that will go into my on-the-loom hemp face cloths.  Hemp doesn't come in very many colors and this seemed the perfect thing to try.  And I love the results!

But once you have the dye baths set up it only makes sense to keep dyeing!  I pulled out a few skeins of just about every yarn base we use.  That means cotton and rayon like Penelope and Monte Carlo, Merino wool like Durban, Alpaca and silk like Lovely... You get the idea.  I just had a whole bunch of fun!

I've dyed the yarn, let it dry to set the color and now have washed it.  Once it's dry it will go to Peggy who is the one who re-skeins all our yarn.  And to Peggy I say... I'm soooooooooo sorry the skeins all look like they have been swallowed and regurgitated. The dye requires that you scrunch the yarn in the dye bath for 3 to 5 minutes to get it to adhere to the yarn. 

There is still plenty of dye left in the three dye baths so I'm off to dye some more yarn!  This is really fun. I think I've already said that a couple of times.