Mowing the Wildflower Patch

I have an area of grass out in front of my studio.  It is surrounded by trees - pecan and others - and every year it gets planted with wildflowers.  Without the wildflowers it looks remarkably like all the rest of the grassy yard between the studio, the house and the street.  However, under this particular patch of ground in the drainfield for the studio septic system and as such should not be driven over.  I thought planting wildflowers here would discourage anyone from driving over it.

Wildflowers are temporary.  They bloom in the spring for a month or two but the rest of the year my wildflower patch looks live very drivable land.  So we don't mow that patch of ground at any time of the year except for January.

Yesterday was a nice day of clouds and sun.  It was cool with the high about 60 degrees but no rain.  I decided it would be a great day to mow.  

I missed ordering wildflower seeds this past summer.  Yet another oversight I will assign to my broken ankle.  That one fall really did change my entire year.  Usually I order seed and my landscaper orders seeed and we have a bunch of seed to broadcast over the wildflower patch.  But not this year.

It will be interesting to see how many wildflowers come up in the spring.  We have not had great results any of the last few years.  I'm not sure why except that the patch is not tended at all.  The seeds get broadcast and the area gets rolled over with a weighted textured roller but after that the seeds are on their own.  So this coming spring we may just have grass.... or maybe a few wildflowers.  I hope for the latter.