This might more correctly be called "Moved" since we have already moved into our new house. It has been very sad to leave our wonderful home in the country but the 12 acres that had always been such a joy had somehow morphed into a huge weight that constantly needed attention. There is only so much that two 75 year olds can manage and while we are both in good shape, I was concerned it was taking more out of us than I wanted to give. 

After moving more and more westerly from Katy, TX out to Simonton and then on to Cat Spring over the last nearly 34 years, we have now moved back to Katy. Of course, it's not the same Katy as it was when we lived here 34 years ago. We are living in a subdivision that didn't exist back then off a road that didn't exist off an I10 exit that didn't exist. We get our groceries from a store that wasn't there before although the little Brookshire Brothers grocery store that was here back then is still here. 

We now live in a house that was built in 2016. That's pretty young considering we have been looking at much older homes. And this house sits on 8,000 square feet of lot which is startlingly small considering we were originally thinking of down sizing from 12 acres to 4 or 5 acres, or maybe 2 or 3 acres. And yet, here we sit, happy as little clams, on our less than 1/4 acre of land.

I absolutely adore this house. It's all on one level and new. Not new in that it was just finished but new in that there are outlets for ethernet cables and phone cables and computer cables all over the place. The floors are beautiful porcelain tile and while I miss my old real wood floors and the pier and beam construction of our old house, I love the way this one looks and acts. We have a garage now! That's cool.

There is more than one downside of this move, however. The biggest one to talk about here is how I have or have not been able to squeeze all of my studio into one very small 12' by 12' room that only has 2.5 walls. The answer is obvious. No. I haven't been able to squeeze everything in. I love my new studio space but many things have had to go and still need to go for that matter.

Peggy now has my big Louet computer controlled loom. It did require some de-construction to get it through the doors. She'll by playing with it for a while to decide if she wants to keep it. The Gilmore loom made the trip over nicely and is sitting here in front of my front window. The Schacht Standard floor loom is still in my old studio and needs to find a new home. I'm getting ready to post it on the website.

We announced earlier this year that we would no longer be dyeing commercial yarn. We put that yarn on sale here on the website but have now sold it all. It was a fun sale at the Texas Fleece & Fiber show to rehome the last of it. There are some other things that it turns out I really don't have any room for. They will be appearing on the website so take a look every so often. You might find something that would make a great Christmas gift or something you might want to try yourself.