Mosquito Protocol

We are going through a period of horrendous mosquitos. The dogs bring up swarms of them when they go out in the backyard. We usually have a breeze which helps but it's been bad. Not only are they annoying but they carry all sorts of diseases I'd rather not be involved with. It's been the perfect storm - some rain but not too much and lots of sun and heat. We have been obsessively looking for and emptying anything that holds water so reduce the mosquito population. We have lots of water tanks around for the animals but nothing else should have any water in it.

In the meantime, we have instituted Mosquito Protocol. That means always wear long pants and a long sleeved shirt. Always wear socks with your shoes/boots and a hat to protect ears and neck. Add gloves as needed. We could use lots of mosquito repellent but I prefer to physically block the little blood suckers when I can so I don't feel bad about using repellent when I need to.

So here I am at my mosquito protocol best. I buttoned the top button of my shirt right after Ron snapped this picture so my neck would be safe. Not the best look for this old lady but if needs must....