Morning Feeding and I Needed a Sweatshirt!

This morning when I went out to feed the livestock I needed to wear a sweatshirt.  This is the first morning this fall that it has been this cool and that is so unbelievably wonderful.  And so longed for.   I love fall and I love sweatshirts and everything is so much more cheerful for me when it's cool in the morning.  Yes, we have had a couple of coolish mornings so far this month but this one started off with a sweatshirt.  That's like the smell of the first fire in the fireplace to me.  All is right with the world and I may survive into winter.

Of course, the temps will be back in the 90's by Friday but that's OK.  I know summer will finally come to an end, if not this week.  And it is true that I had to unzip my sweatshirt by the time I was walking back to the house but that's OK, too.

Ron has built us a little coffee get away on the side porch.  He scrounged up a couple of chairs, bought a little round table, a small rug and a metal tree of life to hang on the wall above the table.  He got it all together last week but the heat and the mosquitoes were so annoying that sitting out there with a cup of coffee was impossible.  We tried it out yesterday morning and it was lovely.  It is secluded but we can still see the road and part of the front garden.  As with any outside space in this climate, it won't be useable much of the year but it sure is nice in the cool of fall.  Even if that cool only lasts a day or two.