Morha is one of three does we acquired the spring of 2016 so she has been here for almost two years.  She arrived with Millie and Star.  Morha and Millie were 8 years old when they came which is older middle age for a goat.  Both Morha and Millie are doing great.  Star, Millie's mother, was 16 years old when she came here and lasted about a year.  Goats only live to be 12 years old or so on average so she had a nice long life.  I really liked her.  In the relatively short amount of time she was with us she stared down Sadie, my wonderful if slightly crazy dog, merged well with the goat herd, stood her ground for food and attention and wasn't the least bit put off by the rambunctious boys.  I would have her back in a heartbeat if I had the power to make that happen.

Mohra has become the face of the livestock here at Sky Loom Weavers.  Her picture is on our gift card and you see her everytime this blog shows up in your inbox.  Now in addition to lovely photos of Morha, I have a real life representation of her, too.

A few weeks back I washed some fiber for my friend Debbi Andreas.  This is NOT a service we generally provide.  In fact, I've already told Debbi that next time I'll be very happy to show her how to do it rather than doing in myself.  But the offer was a great one.  Debbi is becoming an excellent needle felter.  She makes wonderful animals including swans, foxes and dogs.  She had never tried a goat before and that was the deal.  If I washed two bundles of fiber for her, she would needle felt me a goat.  How cool is that?

Debbi did such a great job!  Morha's ears are held close to her head and almost shield her eyes.  Her body looks right.  Her curls look right.  Excellent!