Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

When I sat down to write this I realized I hadn't posted anything for the last month.  No, I didn't quite fall off the face of the earth but it has been a busy month.  

Barb, my high school friend from the Chicago area came down for a long weekend at the beginning of December.  We had a great time and she met all the rest of our clan that she hadn't met when she was here last.

We tested all the animals on schedule this month and none needed to be wormed.  Yes!  That's a victory over all those obnoxious parasites!  And Steele, our Welsh pony has been doing better the past few months.  The diagnosis of cancer is still there but he continues to respond well to the pain meds and the diuretics.  I am happy to continue his treatment so long as we can keep him comfortable.

Turns out my shoulder issue is bursitis and one cortisone shot and a few pain relievers seems to have done the trick.  And the ankle continues to get closer to "back to normal".

I managed to finish up a run of linen face cloths in time for our two shows early in December.  We were at the Ladies Night Out in Columbus, TX and at the Small Show in Fayetteville, TX.  We will gladly do both shows again next year.  We had a great time, met lots of new customers and vendors and had great sales.

Christmas as fun and noisy and chaotic as usual.  My kids and grandkids were able to get here earlier than usual on Christmas Eve so we had more calm time together than we normally do - at least as calm as you can with four little kids.  Peggy and her clan arrived with decorated sugar cookies and bourbon cake in the early evening which was the particularly noisy and chaotic time.  We had 5 kids between 5 and 8 years old along with 12 adults for food, the fire pit, presents and more food.  It was wonderful.

New Year's Eve was our normal non-celebration.  Ron went to bed early and I managed to stay up till about midnight but I didn't have the TV or radio on so didn't realized it was the new year until I was pulling the covers up to my chin and falling asleep.  We did not go out and we did not watch the ball drop but it was a nice evening nonetheless.

In addition to all the rest, I've been working on getting my big Louet loom warped.  I managed to wind all the warp onto the warp beam.  Getting each of those 1064 warp threads through the heddles and the reed is taking me more time than I anticipated.  I'll be lucky to get it ready to weave on by the end of January.

No resolutions for me this year except maybe to be more patient and kinder.

I hope you and yours had a great holiday season and that you are now well rested and ready to make 2019 the best year ever!