Louet Loom Warped

As I said last week, all my equipment needs to be productive or it will be banished.  There are weavers and spinners out there who would love any of my wheels and looms so finding new homes for my equipment is not hard.  That is the threat I repeat to my looms periodically just so they all understand the rules.

I started to warp up my big Louet loom with linen yarn to make bath towels back in the spring.  Now that it is nearly fall you might think that this loom was nearing the end of my patience.  You would be wrong.  With my broken ankle this summer, the loom has the best excuse there is for not being productive - over-arching liveware issues.  It's not the loom's fault I have been laid up.

I have finally wound on the 15 yard warp for my linen bath towels.  These towels are 38" in the reed with a sett of 28 threads per inch.  That means including the extra threads added for the selvedges, I have just finished winding 1072 threads.  Since each thread is 15 yards long, I have wound on over 16,000 yards of linen yarn.

I'm not quite ready to weave yet.  I still have to thread the heddles, which create the pattern, and slay the reed, which sets the width of the fabric.  Then it will be time to weave.

For now my bobbin rack can go back up into the loft and I can put my heddle hooks to good use.  I'll keep you posted as this project continues.