Gently Used Schacht Loom For Sale - SOLD

I mentioned before that several people had contacted me about looms they want to sell.  Here is this week's offering.

This loom is a 44" Schacht floor loom with 4 shafts and 12 treadles.  I contacted Schacht to find out when this loom was built based on the number under the logo on the castle. It was built in 1981. I also asked about the combination of 4 shafts with 12 treadles. Usually you only see that number of treadles on looms with 8 shafts. According to Schacht, the loom was designed so that you could do more complex weaves on the 4 shafts. Pretty cool!

The loom comes with three reeds - 8 dent, 10 dent and 12 dent. Also included is a wide weaving bench with storage under the seat and plenty of room to put extra shuttles on either side of the seat. 

Gwen Smith is asking for $1500 (price negotiable) for the package which includes the loom, reeds, bench, lease sticks, warping board, and a weaver's happy hoard of books and issues of Handwoven. The loom appears to have a bit of discoloration on the bottom but Gwen assures me it is great shape and ready for the next eager weaver. Gwen is moving and won't have room for it in her new house.  The loom is currently in Magnolia, TX and will need to be picked up.

This looks like a great deal to me.  You can call Gwen at 281-630-8145 or contact her at She would love to hear from you! The deadline for this sale is the middle of July so don't wait!