Long Grass

We work our mower pretty hard.  We have nearly 12 acres and only one acre or so is managed by our landscapers.  We love our landscapers.  They keep the front garden and the back yard looking wonderful.  They keep the sprinkler systems functioning and they mow the grass immediately around the house. I have said it before. The reason our place looks as nice as it does is because of our landscapers. Menefee Landscapes is the place to call if you live out in this direction.  Matt and Amie are wonderful!

But the rest of the property is ours to maintain.  We mow the outer yard regularly throughout the growing season and the pastures, arena and extended driveway get mowed as needed.

We have a nice zero turning radius diesel mower. It's about 20 years old now but generally it keeps on working. Sometime this past spring it began to give us problems. It would mow happily along and then get bogged down and stop. We have had a very wet spring so the grass has grown in particularly thick and heavy. When Ron finally couldn't get anything mowed in a timely manner, we took the mower into the shop. They kept it for a month.  Yikes. The whole time the grass just kept on growing.

We got the mower back a week ago and it came off the trailer with an unusual red light on. The dealership had fixed our original problem but missed something. Ron has been babying it along for a week now.  Finally the mower just stopped and refuses to go. This morning I called the dealership to buy a new mower. We will have them fix our current mower and then use both of them or sell the old one.  That story is yet to be determined.

Turns out there is a waiting list for our potential new mower.  We are number 8 on the list.  It could be next week or the week after or next month or later this fall. This is much the same issue people are having with buying new cars and refrigerators and all sorts of other things - Covid and supply chain and people not quite back to work yet and transportation and whatever else is involved with getting my new tractor to me.

So for now, we will continue to watch the grass grow. I'm very pleased that Ron got as much mowed as he did this past week otherwise we would be up to our eyeballs in grass.