Llama Shearing

For some unknown reason, llama shearing was late this year. It usually happens in April but this time is was June. That's not a problem when the weather stays cool but we are in the middle of a heat wave. I'm glad we got Shiraz sheared. We have been in and around 100 degrees this week and that's plenty bad enough without wearing a fur coat.

Sean Price, my wonderful llama shearer, was here on Thursday morning to take Shiraz from a fluffy puff ball on legs to a string bean. Llamas always look so tall and skinny after they are sheared.

Sean pulls the llama beauty salon behind his truck. It comes complete with air conditioning and seclusion and works really well for even the most flighty llama. My llamas have never had a problem walking up the ramp and through the plastic strips but I'm sure Sean would convince them they really did want to go into the salon if they were unsure.

Shiraz is our last llama and at some point he will be moving up the road from me to be a pasture mate with Maggie, a llama who is currently living by herself. Llamas don't like to be on their own. Shiraz has done well here with my goats. They are his to watch over and he takes the job seriously. Maggie seems to be doing well also but surely will appreciate a pasture buddy. I will miss him when he goes.