Lifting Trees

We have a fair number of trees on our property.  Some of them are huge like the live oaks in the backyard.  Some of them are small like the Meyer's lemon and peach trees.  But small or large, most trees benefit from some pruning every so often.  I think this is the third time in the 13 years we've lived here so that averages out to every four years or so.

I love the tree trimmers.  Tim Richardson is the man in charge of Tree Care, Inc.  Tim and his crew are amazing.  These men are strong but lean and seem to have no fear of working 30 feet off the ground among the limbs of a tree with a small chain saw in their hand.  Really?  Not me.  But they make it look so easy.  They positively scamper up the trees in order to cut off the offending limbs.

Monday's goals were as follows:

Remove several limbs from the live oak trees currently brushing against or leaning on the roofs of the house and Ron's office.

Trim back the Satsuma orange trees so they will be less a huge tall hedge and more individual trees.  Also, it would be lovely if we could pick the oranges when they ripen in December.  At this point even my 6'5" son-in-law on a 14' ladder would be hard pressed to pick any fruit.

Lift most of the trees, which means trim up the lower branches so we can walk or drive under them and not run into them.  This also includes trimming off many of the small side branches so the trees look cleaner and more elegant.

The results:

The low hanging limbs are gone from the live oaks in the backyard.  No roof is currently in danger of abuse due to tree limbs.

Most of the blossoms on the Satsuma orange trees are gone but there are a few left and the trees now look like individual trees at an appropriate height.

All of the trees look spruced up and ready for their close-ups, Mr. DeMille.  I can drive the mule around the goat's shelter and out under the large trees in the pasture and not hit limbs.  I can pull the truck and trailer around to the side of the studio and hot be in any danger of peeling off the side running lights.  Yes, I did that last fall and we had to replace one. 

We will certainly need to do this dance again in a few years but for now I feel like I've lost 20 pounds.  Everything is lighter and more open, clearer and more beautiful, happier and more carefree.  It's all good.