Lifting the Trees

We have been patiently waiting for the tree trimmers to arrive.  They came on Wednesday and did a beautiful job of lifting our trees.  Tim Richardson is the owner of Tree Care Houston ( Tim and all the guys who work for him are wonderful. Watching them scamper up my tall trees is riveting and terrifying. It had been two years since they were here and the trees really needed the attention.  Not only did they lift the trees around our front garden and down our driveway from the house to the barn and beyond the studio but they also trimmed the trees in the goat/llama pastures.  Those trees had never been trimmed. 

Goats will eat grass but they really like eating bushes and leaves. Any limbs they can reach standing on their back legs are quickly denuded. In the end, you get a skeleton of limbs hanging below the happy green limbs of the tree.  It sort of comes with the territory when you have goats but I was tired of the look. Now all those limbs are gone.  Yay!


I was tired of having tree limbs brush the roof of my Kawasaki mule or my car.  And anytime a delivery truck showed up, they had to be very cautious driving under the trees in front of the front garden. Now they can just whip right through there without ripping limbs off my trees or tearing the roof off their trucks.  It's all good.


We had hoped that the tree trimmers would be able to cut up and chip the two trees that came down after the freeze in February. They had their work cut out for them with the living trees that just needed trimming and didn't get to the dead ones. I'm sorry about that but we will get those trees cut up and done away with some other way.  Either Ron and I will work on them or the landscapers... maybe it will take all of us.  Of course, we could just invite the tree trimmers back.  They are very good and because of that are currently taking appointments for January 2022.