Labor Day, A Cool Front and Other Things

A slightly late Happy Labor Day to everyone.  I'm putting the studio back in order after having my grandsons here for the weekend.  There is nothing more quickly and quietly destructive than a four year old with a pair of scissors.  Fortunately, I figured out what was going on sooner rather than later so the shredding of yarn didn't spread too far.

Our internet remains very spotty so I'm hoping to get this blog post out there sometime today. I have lists of new kitchen towels and hand knitted scarves ready to go up on the website if only my connections would stabilize.  I'm not sure how much of the issue is left over from Harvey and how much is just the way it is out here but I have been on the phone with a couple of times already to try and get it corrected.  The technician was out here on Friday and did some magic but our computers are still not happy connecting to the outside world.  He suggested we upgrade our system but I'm of two minds.  Making it better would be wonderful but at some point maybe we need to change our provider.  We'll see how it all shakes out.

Our landline phone was out for over a week but just came back to life this past Thursday in time for our plumber to call and say he was on his way.  We had a significant clog in our sewer line which was making us all unhappy.  Three cheers for plumbers in general and for Kenneth Amador in particular.  He is a wonder!

In the midst of all his hysteria we have had a cool front come through.  It's amazing how one single morning with a low of 60 degrees changes everything.  Yes, I know this is the standard September teaser that convinces us all that summer has gone.  Except we all know that next week it will be back in the 90's for another month or so.  But this teaser has lasted longer than they do most years.  I think today is morning #4 with temperatures in the 60's.  This could go on for months and months as far as I'm concerned.

Stephen Franco was here yesterday to shear the goats.  I had a couple of lovely ladies in the shop and Stephen managed to sneak in and get the four Angora goats sheared and the three dairy goats' feet trimmed without me realizing he was here.  He is another of the wonderful and talented people we have found to help us with our country life.

I just re-read this post and I realize I really am more thankful of many things than I usually am.  We all get caught up in our lives and sometimes forget to be thankful.  Then something like Hurricane Harvey comes along and we remember how great we have it.

Prayers and good wishes go out those impacted by Hurricane Irma and to those washed and shaken by Hurricane Katia and the earthquakes in Mexico.