Kitchen Towels

There is nothing like a forced quarantine to keep weavers weaving along.  Peggy has been very busy.  I just put three different sets of her kitchen towels up on the website.

She added a couple of new colors to her Tumbling Twill Blocks towels.


The Intersecting Squiggles are bright and fun.


The Two Color Twill Towels are my favorite of all.  So many different colors and they look much more difficult to weave than they are.


We have all our fiber and yarn on sale for the month of May at 15% off.  The finished goods, which includes these new towels, are 10% off till the end of May.  There are a couple of ways to pull together red and green towels for Christmas!  It might seem a little early in the year for Christmas shopping but these things happen in their own time.

Check out the website for all our kitchen towels!