It's the Little Things

I wrote this blog post several weeks ago.  My intention was to add interesting appropriate photos and post this online on Wednesday May 9th.  I was interrupted by breaking my leg that morning and I'm only now getting back to my previous life.  Here is what I had to say back then....

This past week has been full of little inconveniences. 

The hot water in the house went away for a couple of days.  We called the plumber and he came out and replaced the thermocouple on the hot water heater.  We are within a couple of weeks of the end of the warranty on our hot water heater so maybe it's not a shock to have little things go wrong. 

The house was without air conditioning for three days last week.  We were very fortunate that the nights were cool and days were cloudy or it could have been very uncomfortable.  My husband noticed a little bit of water on the floor of the attic while he was trying to get the hot water heater started.  We had decided to watch it when the water started pouring through one of the can lights in the living room ceiling.  We thought maybe the solar system installers tramping through our attic had knocked into some part of the unit and broken it but not according to our A/C guy.  He says the broken pipe was underneath the furnace and would be impossible to break by accident.  OK.  So it gave way just as all the other odds and ends were giving up the ghost.  That makes some sort of cosmic sense, I guess. 

Monday's issue was the air conditioning out here in my studio.   It was working fine until the A/C guys came back to check all the systems.  They had repaired the broken pipe in the house on Friday afternoon but didn't have time to test all the systems and do the standard springtime tune up.  They came back to do that yesterday morning and since they left the temperature in the studio continued to rise.  Well, rats.  Once I realized it really was getting hotter in here I called them back out.  They had forgotten to turn the outside unit back on after they cleaned it out.  Nothing like manufacturing your own problems.

We have plenty of other systems that could fail but I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic.  We don't need to see any more repairmen for a while.