It's Marigold Season Again

I love marigolds.  I love the way they smell, the way they grow and the wonderful colors they give.  We have grown them for several years now, both to use in our natural dye pots but also to sell.  They have sold really well the last couple of years so this year we planted two 7" diameter garden bins with marigold plants rather than just one.

We have had an extraordinary amount of rain this spring and I never know how something like that will affect what we have planted.  I guess if I had grown up with gardens I might have a better understanding of these things but there is no changing the past, just trying to learn as I go for now.  Our tomatoes have gone crazy and we are picking 5 to 10 pounds every day.  That is a lot of tomatoes.  I'm practicing making tomato sauce... but I digress - back to the marigolds.

The marigolds have loved the rain.  All the plants are thriving and bursting with blooms.  I'm picking a large bucket full of blooms every second or third day and my house happily smells like marigolds as I dry them in the oven.

This year for the first time we are offering dried marigold blooms in bulk.  We've never had enough production for this to be possible before.  You can get one full pound of dried marigold blooms at 25% off.  This is perfect for the natural dyer who does large demonstrations, gives natural dye workshops or does production dyeing.  Or just loves marigolds the way I do.