It's hot but Beautiful!

We have been under various heat warnings and advisories for the last three weeks. It's been hot and we are all ready for a break. It will be treat if and when the rain comes next week as forecast. But excessive heat or no, the property has looked wonderful.

The crepe myrtles have worked hard to be stunning.

Not to be outdone, the other flowers have been working hard on their blooms.

Then the roses got their noses out of joint and needed to put on their own show.

Last year we planted our sunflowers early in the spring. This year we got a much later start and didn't plant till well into June. The ground has been cleared and leveled and the drip lines are in. The sunflowers were seeded and fertilized and are already up and growing. More pictures when they get a little taller.

I did get marigolds planted this spring although it's a bit of a hodge podge - seed, small plants and self-seeding from last years crop - all going together to create a lovely garden bin full of color. I am already harvesting the blooms and drying them for dye.

I will be thrilled with the rain next week if it comes. All these plants can use some rain and little break from these temperatures would be wonderful.