It Just Needs to go - Part 2

Thank you to all our wonderful customers and friends. The warping wheel, Cricket loom quartet and the winding station have all gone on to wonderful weavers who will use them and love them. Thank you all! 

But, wait! There's more!

Schacht Standard floor loom. It's still here and I would love for it to go to it's new owner before we need to move it. It is out in my old studio on our property in Cat Spring. That property has sold so the loom will need to be moved in the next month or so. $3200

A couple of other things have also made themselves known. Like the first list, these are things that we bought to use ourselves or have used ourselves and love but there just isn't room for them in our new digs.


Fricke Electric "Easy Wind" Adjustable Skein Winder with Counter. This was an essential tool back when we were dyeing yarn. Every skein needed to be reskeined and this beauty did the job. Now we have moved past all the yarn dyeing but I bet someone out there could really use this winder. $150

Hand Spindle Lazy Kates. Similar to the lazy kates that hold your full spinning wheel bobbins so you can ply your yarn, these hold hand spindles so you can ply your singles. I have two that are newly for sale. The first is a Golding's lazy kate that will hold up to three spindles for plying. The second is a beautifully made lazy kate of unknown origin that will also hold two or three spindles. Both of these are beautiful to look at and work just as wonderfully.

I have added a couple of yarn clutches and several hand knitted scarves to the website and am in the process of adding several hand woven scarves so be sure to check them out!