It Just Needs to Go

The list of those things that just need to go is growing. These are all things I have used and loved but simply don't fit in our new house and our startlingly smaller space for Sky Loom Weavers. All of these items are new or gently used but in great shape.

Schacht Standard Floor Loom. I have loved weaving on this loom. It's 45" in maximum weaving width and 8 harnesses so you can weave large items with complex patterns or simple plain weave and smaller items. $3200.00

15" Cricket loom on stand with attached Quartet. I fell in love with the idea of adding the Quartet to the top of a Cricket loom and suddenly being able to weave with 4 harnesses. That is just so cool! I built this set up but have not yet warped it. It's pretty straight forward to do that but it hasn't happened for me yet. This is the perfect starting place for anyone who wants to learn how to weave or has learned to weave on a rigid heddle loom and wants to step up to a small harness loom. $525.00


AVL Warping Wheel. This is how I learned to warp sectionally and it still is a great way to accomplish that. The other option is to wind the warp on spools that go on a large spool rack. I love warping both ways but based on the size of my new studio, the spool rack will fit better for me. I'll have to let the warping wheel go. $400.00

Schacht Winding Station. This is a particularly useful piece of equipment. It will hold a swift or a ball winder. It will provide the perfect location for your cones of yarn as you wind your warp on the warping board. It will also work in association with the warping wheel (above) for getting sections of warp ready to wind on your loom. $150.00


All these items are best picked up. The Schacht Standard floor loom is out in Cat Spring. All the others are here at my new house in Katy, TX. Let me know what you're interested in and we can make your Christmas dreams come true!