Is that a Cheshire Cat?

You may remember that back in February I talked about our four cats.  Included in that blog were some pictures of our leafless Satsuma trees.  We had a very short but very hard freeze in February and as a result our Satsuma trees dropped all their leaves.  They were lifeless skeletons just like when I was a kid in the winter in the Chicago area.  It's the bleak look of winter I was used to growing up.  Even the years we spent in Tulsa, OK were pretty bleak in the winter.  There were a few more trees that kept their leaves in Tulsa but nothing like it is here in Texas.  Here winter is so mild that most trees keep green leaves and the grass stays mostly green too.  We have to travel north a ways to see the bleak brown leafless look of a north Texas winter.  We would have to travel even farther north to find the bright snow covered look of winter in the north.

But, back to my Satsuma trees.  Here is Keeper in her favorite hidey hole in her favorite Satsuma tree last February.

At the time I had a couple of comments from people whose trees had also dropped their leaves and they were very concerned about the trees surviving.  I was sure my trees would be fine but you never know.  We lost most of our other citrus trees in that freeze so I was watchful.  

Here is Keeper back in her favorite hidey hole this fall.

Looks like all is well.  So well, in fact, that you will have to take my word that Keeper is in the tree since she is so well hidden you can't actually see her.  I think the answer is, yes, we do have a Cheshire Cat.  She jumps up into her tree and completely disappears.