International Kissing Day and Other Things

Today, July 6th, is International Kissing Day.  I have no idea who made that decision but I'm happy with it.  Go kiss someone!

Happy 4th of July!  I neglected to say that on Monday July 4th.  We were having lunch at my daughter's house and swimming with the grandsons.  We had a blast and came home happily worn out. 

Yesterday I was baby sitting those same grandsons.  Their daycare takes the week of July 4th off and my daughter still had classes to attend so I spent the day with the boys.  No swimming since I was the only adult home for the day but we had fun on the trampoline, they rode bikes and scooters and tricycles on the carport while I sat in the shade.  We watched Paw Patrol, had lunch, took naps.  That was one more day of coming home happily worn out.


Today I am out in the studio happily weaving.  I'm working on the fourth kitchen towel and the first linen face cloth and both looms are looking pretty great.  I'm also spinning and spinning and spinning.  I spun up about 8 ounces of art batt last night and will be back at it this evening.  I have 5 skeins of yarn finished so far and got them washed and hung on the line to dry.

Your marching orders for the day are...

Kiss someone!

Spin some more for the Tour de Fleece!