Indian Summer

I don't think we really have an Indian Summer season here in the greater Houston area.  At least not the same way we did up north.  Our weather has been fractious this past month or so swinging from cold and wet to hot and humid and back again.

While we are sitting at nearly 85 degrees right now, I think the chance of us seeing the 90's again is slim.  We have had some serious storms and lots of rain but also some stunning days, warm, sunny and calm.

Here are some pictures of these last lazy days of summer.

Yes, I realized we are into November now but our summers really do go on forever.

Soon enough the colder wind and rain will be back and these plants won't look this good again.

At least not till next spring.

This is my favorite plant for today - the Coleus.  They looked OK on my front porch and in the front garden, see above, but totally stunning on the back porch away from the wind.


Soon the winter color will arrive.  My wonderful landscapers, JMA Living Landscapes, will arrive with a truck full of plants to add color to my gardens over the cooler weather of winter.  It is always a wonderful change but these last days of warmer weather are a treat.