In the Light of Current Events...

We are a very small business with just two unsalaried owners.  Peggy and I spin, weave, dye and knit out of a love for the fibers and a love of the process.  We sell all sorts of things that make enough money to keep us in business.  We don't put food on the table or a roof over our heads based on Sky Loom Weavers.

We try to be open, here at the studio three days each week when we are here and not at a show someplace.  At this point, it's hard to know when our next show will be.  Most of the fiber festivals country wide happening this spring and early summer have already been cancelled or postponed.  

For now, at least through the end of March and probably through much of April, our studio will be closed.  I don't have many health concerns but I am over 70 years old which puts me in the high risk category for Covid-19.  We will be maintaining our website so feel free to shop to your heart's content and be sure to call me with any questions about our products, spinning, weaving and/or dyeing.

There are lots of wonderful independent weavers, dyers, art batt makers and other fiber people who would also love your business as they try to keep afloat through this pandemic.  Many of them are putting food on the table and a roof over their heads based on their businesses.  They deserve your business probably more than we do at this time.  If you need names and websites, let me know.  I can recommend some talented people for you to shop with.

I will be here, hunkered down and weaving away while maintaining my appropriate social distance.  When this storm has passed, I hope we will have lots of new products for you to come out and touch!  In the meantime, stay safe!