Houston Fiber Group and Fun with Dye

Several ladies from the Houston Fiber Group came out here for a visit on Saturday.  They were wonderful!  We talked about the animals, fed treats to the goats and llamas, took selfies and then got down to the real job of the day... dyeing some yarn!

Peggy and I had pulled out five pounds each of Monte Carlo and Penelope, both cotton/rayon blends along with a couple of pounds of Warp Twist Cotton.  We were very short of dyed cotton yarn so we made that our focus.  We also managed to dye another 3 or 4 pounds of wool yarn and about the same amount of Panda fiber.

Keena and Jessica were a huge help and seemed to enjoy the process of changing white yarn to brightly colored yarn.  They picked colors, stirred the dye, added dye to the dye baths, rinsed out the yarn, spun out the yarn and all the other steps in the process.  

The only serious issue of the day was the incessant hum of the mosquitoes.  We all doused ourselves with insect repellent to keep from going completely mad.  We had a little bit of sun but mostly we were thrilled at having no rain at all.

The studio is now draped in damp skeins of yarn.  They are hanging from all the chairs and benches.  They should be dry by tomorrow and then I'll bundle them up and get them to Peggy for re-skeining.

Thank you, Keena and Jessica!  You were both totally enjoyable as well as being a wonderful asset to the process.  You are welcome to come back anytime!