Happy New Year - 2020!

Yes, welcome to 2020.  It's been a very busy winter so far.  


Ladies Night Out was the first week of December.  We had the same booth as last year at the Live Oak Art Center just off the square in beautiful downtown Columbus, TX.  We had good sales and a great time.  Peggy was able to get there - we thought she might have to miss the show - which was wonderful.

The Small Show was the middle of December in Fayetteville, TX.  Fayetteville is just 40 minutes west of here so it's easy to get to and we love the venue.  The Red & White Gallery is on the square.  It's a wonderful old building with creaking floors and wooden walls.  We had good sales here, too.  Peggy was out of town that weekend and I was staying at her house with her dogs.  Everything went smoothly and I had a great time.  My daughter was able to get away on Friday evening and she came out for a visit.  She enjoyed walking around and looking at all the small sized but hugely interesting and inventive items for sale.

Christmas was wonderful.  As usual the kids and grandkids were all here and Peggy and her family were here for Christmas Eve.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  We ate lots of great food, mostly baked by members of the family other than me.  Peggy's cookies were the huge success they always are.  We gave each other gifts and had a wonderful visit.

New Year's Eve was quiet for us.  We always appreciate the year that's ending but get to bed early so we can get started with the new year the next day.

In the first couple of weeks of January we got various medical and dental appointments happily concluded.  We also spent a short but amazingly fun weekend in the Denver, CO area for my nephew Jonathon's wedding.  It was three days packed with grandparents, sisters, brothers, in-laws of all shapes and sizes, nieces, nephews and cousins.  While I missed my kids' spouses and my grandkids, we loved spending some time with our kids.  We haven't taken a trip with just the four of us since before they got married.  It was a hoot.

So now all the wonderful family time and frivolity of the holidays are over.  We are back to normal and it's time to put my head down and weave.  Our next show is May 1st - 2nd in Seguin, TX - The Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta.  Hope to see you there!