Gus Update

Gus is turning into a wonderful dog.  He is smart as a whip and learns things very quickly.  So far he has learned the following rules...

Dogs do NOT bark at livestock.

Dogs do NOT charge any fence.

AWAY means please step back and don't crowd me at the door or the gate.

Dogs go into their crates easily and calmly when requested.


There are some rules, however, that he hasn't quite got the gist of yet.  Like..

Dogs sit for their treats.  Hmmmm.  Not so much.

We couldn't get him to stop jumping the fence between the house and the carport.  We tried several things to make it less accessible but mostly they didn't work.  Now it looks like the gate into Jurassic World.  There must be a monster back there!

We were supposed to hand walk Gus for a week after he was neutered.  That was a trial for all involved.  Gus didn't understand why he couldn't go out to feed with Sadie and me and why he wasn't allowed to run around in the back yard with Sadie.  Sadie was perfectly fine to go and feed without Gus but didn't understand not being able to rough-house with Gus.  Hand walking a high energy dog is exhausting even though he is wonderful on a leash.  In general he doesn't pull and he listens well but an entire week was a very long time for him not to run and play.  Thank goodness we got the all clear this past week.  He had only chewed off three of the four visible stitches over the course of the week so we were all pleased.

Now Gus and Sadie are back to constant rough housing and play - except when they both drop to the floor to rest for a while.