Googling Myself

The other morning, I was at a logical stopping point between tasks so I googled myself.  Just Penny Nelson.  Nothing more.  It was an interesting exercise.  I have learned all sorts of things.  Penny Nelson just opened a yoga studio, is on the radio in San Francisco, does massage in Michigan, is an actress, works for a trucking company, is a physician's assistant and a mortgage professional. Penny Nelson is associated with a children's relief organization, works in the government of New Zealand, is a marketing manager, is a teacher at both the high school and college level, does stone carving and runs a cleaning service.  And looks remarkably different than me.

There are many Penny Nelsons that have died recently based on the number of memorials and obituaries.  Slightly scary was finding Penny Lynn Nelson.  Lynn is my middle name.  No one has called me Penny Lynn since I was a small child but still...  Spooky.

There are also a huge number of organizations that are happy to take my money to look for me.

If I wasn't looking for myself, I would have given up looking long before I got to page 5.  That's where I found a reference to me on Medium.  Medium is a place for writers to publish their work. I subscribe and I comment fairly frequently on the articles I read.  I haven't published any of my writing there but somehow have managed to acquire 185 followers.  I guess some people find my comments worth reading. 

I found myself again on page 8.  This listing was based on my membership in Alignable.  Alignable is sort of like LinkedIn. It's a place to recommend companies you are particularly pleased with.  I would never have joined on my own but was recommended by a friend. I could see who looks for me there if I wanted to pay to be a Premium member, which I do not.  But there was the listing on Google.  Interesting.

But wait!  There at the bottom of page 9 was a blog by Penny Nelson at Sky Loom Weavers!  Yes!  There I am.

The point of all this?  I'm not sure there is one except to point out that if you are online in most any fashion, you are there to be found.  It was kind of fun to look for myself. You might try it yourself.

Now back to the really fun stuff - Weaving!