Getting Ready to Weave - Tying up the Treadles

I had my Gilmore loom tipped up on its front edge so I could tie up the treadles.  It seemed like a great time to take some pictures and a video and talk about the process.   

The loom is warped in linen of various weights for face cloths.  I'll weave it with lots of different colors of linen.  I've already had requests for jewel tones and Halloween colors.  Very cool.

The warp is 320 threads, each one 15 yards long.  All that yarn has been wound on and threaded through the heddles on eight harnesses.  All the warp threads have been slayed through the reed and tied onto the front beam.  It's all set up for waffle weave.  Now I just need to tie up the treadles and we will be ready to weave.  The pattern is determined by how the yarn is threaded through the heddles and how we tie up the treadles.  Each step is important to get the pattern you're after.