Getting Better

It took an additional trip to the doctor and more drugs along with the passage of time but I'm finally starting to feel like my old self.  This is week three by actual count and that does not make me happy.  I don't like being sick and the faster I can get better the happier I am.  

I have finished the antibiotics and the steroids and now just have to deal with the lingering cough, cough medicine and an inhaler which I have never used before.  Taken together the cough medicine and the inhaler seem to be working.  This morning I did the first really physical exercise since I started getting sick.

I drove the mule up to the top of the property and loaded up a hay rack that had been sitting unused.  I drove it back down to the pasture currently occupied by Steele, our old and sick Welsh Pony.  I dragged it into the pasture and positioned it along the fence ready for a bale of hay.  None of this is hard.  The hay rack is bulky but doesn't weigh very much so manhandling it into and out of the mule isn't difficult.  The same for dragging it through the gate and along the fence in the pasture.  But, I have been sick and it was much more tiring than I expected.

After days and days of doing almost nothing except feeding my animals, I have started getting bored.  That's a great sign that I'm feeling better.  So I'm back out in the studio for the first time in awhile and managing to get some things accomplished.  We have newly arrived commercial yarn that needs to be tagged so we can get ready to dye it pretty colors.  I'm not quite ready to tackle weaving but hopefully tomorrow or the next day will work.

In the meantime, spring has broken out!  The trees are dumping pollen everywhere, the flowers are starting to bloom, the pecan trees are leafing out and the grass is starting to grow.  Look at the orange blossoms!  We haven't had any reasonable crop of oranges in several years.  I'm hopeful.

And the peach blossoms from earlier this spring have magically turned into peaches.  They are small and hard but they were great last year so again, I'm hopeful.

I could live without all the tree pollen but I'm really pleased that it's spring.  I will be whining about the heat of summer soon enough.  I'm going to enjoy spring while it's here!