Gently Used

One of the nice things about spinning and weaving equipment is that it doesn't easily wear out.  My favorite loom was built in the late 60's or early 70's and is still going strong.  It will last another hundred or more years as long as it isn't parked out in a barn someplace.  Rain, snow, and sun can do lots of damage to tools made of wood and steel but as long as you protect them from those dangers they just keep going on going on.

We have several items just added to the website that are all in the "gently used" category.  These are things that I bought specifically or that came to me in various ways, generally bought used and then used.  I've been cleaning out the studio in this down time and discovered these tools up in the loft.  They need to go to spinners and weavers that will use them.  And they are priced to move.