Frame Looms For Sale

We have put together a group of frame loom weaving equipment that includes triangle and rectangle looms, stands and accessories.  This is a great package for someone who already teaches weaving on frame looms or for someone who would like to start. All of this equipment goes as one package and no part of it will be sold separately.

We taught triangle weaving classes for several years using these looms and have moved on to other things.  Both Peggy and I have, love and continue to use our big 7' adjustable triangle looms but the rest of the equipment needs to go to someone who will use it.

This package includes:

1 - 7' Adjustable Rectangle Loom in Oak from Hillcreek Fiber Studios ($362) w/1 extra 7' side

1 - 20" Rectangle Loom in Maple from Hillcreek Fiber Studio ($89)

1 - 20" Rectangle Loom in Walnut from Hillcreek Fiber Studio ($89)

1 - 3' Travel Triangle Loom in Walnut from Hillcreek Fiber Studio ($119)

1 - 2' Travel/Teaching Triangle Loom in Maple (handmade - $40)

3 - 3' Teaching Triangle Looms (handmade - $40 each)

1 - Spriggs Mini Triangle Stand in Maple from Hillcreek Fiber Studio ($115)

1 - Pair Cherry Shed Sticks from Hillcreek Fiber Studio ($32)

1 - Pair Oak Shed Sticks from Hillcreek Fiber Studio ($32)

1 - 21" Square padded carry bag from Hillcreek Fiber Studio ($149)

8 - Wide Tooth Plastic Combs ($.69 each)

22 - Patterns from Hillcreek Fiber Studio:  Twisti-Cuff Jacket (1), Ruana Mariposa (2), Ruana Mariposita (3), BexShelLaura Jacket (3), Ana's Vest (3), Flowing Triangle Wrap (2), Triangle Baby Snug (1), Zigzag Throw (2), Folded Triangles Purse (2) and Easy Plarn Bag (3).  Total value ($173)

We would prefer to sell this equipment locally and not have to ship it.  If it does need to be shipped, the buyer will pay all shipping costs.

If my math is correct, this all adds up to about $1300 if purchased new.  Most of this equipment is gently used although the 3" triangle loom and table top stand from Hillcreek Fiber Studio are new. We are asking $400 for the package.

Let us know if you are interested.