Flowers in October

I like October.  It is usually a bit cooler with early morning temperatures dipping down into the 50's and 60's which always makes me smile.  It's not cool enough for a fire in the fireplace or to turn the air conditioning off, we are still having highs in the 80's and 90's, but we are thinking about winter now.

As much as I love (and miss) the bright fall colors of the leaves in the north, I love the flowers we get in the fall.  It's cool enough to enjoy a walk in the garden and they are all wonderful.

We have lots of different roses that all look spectacular.  The climbing roses are climbing,

and the bush roses are busy showing off.

We have all sorts of different colors and different looks with some wonderful scents.

The marigolds I planted late in the summer are blooming!  I'm pleased with how strong and fragrant they are.  

I'm busy picking and drying them so they should be up on the website soon.

The cotton plants are also blooming.  I trimmed them back after they gave me lots of cotton bolls early in the summer.  They should continue to bloom and set bolls until the first frost.

Everywhere I look there are wonderful blooms. It's a happy time of year.