Flipping Switches

It's funny when you notice that a switch has flipped.  It's that point in time when something you have been struggling with suddenly becomes logical and doable.  Or when the thing you hated suddenly begins to make perfect sense.

For me there were big flips when suddenly I was making yarn instead of just swearing at the spinning wheel.  Or when weaving with linen became something I wanted to do rather than something I struggled with.  I've had a couple of big flips with my ankle also.

There was that wonderful point about 2 weeks after surgery when I realized my leg was more comfortable down on the floor than it was up on a cushion.  I still needed to prop my leg up to help the swelling go down but it was happier on the floor. 

Then just this past week I had another big flip of a switch.  I have lived in this rascal of a boot for almost 6 weeks.  The first four weeks I had to keep it on at all times except for the few moments I was in the shower.  Those were glorious but scary moments because while it was wonderful to get in the shower, my ankle felt completely unprotected!  For the last week and a half I've been able to take the boot off when I went to bed or bathed or when I was doing my various range of motion and strengthening exercises.  I still kept it on most of the time to keep my ankle protected.  This past week I realized my ankle felt just fine, thank you very much, out of the boot.  It suddenly didn't need quite the level of protection it had.


Now I'm spending my time barefooted when I'm doing exercises or have my foot up or in shoes when I'm up and moving about.  Not being in that tall clunky heavy boot is wonderful.  Now that I can bear weight on my ankle I can walk up and down the stairs so I can go anywhere.  My husband Ron is still feeding the animals and at this point he needs to be close by when I'm going up and down the stairs but I can get out to the studio! 

It is glorious to be out in the studio.  I'm not yet doing all the jobs that need to be done out here.  I haven't gone back to warping my big looms yet but I'm weaving on all those little looms we took to Knitting at Night Out West to teach weaving.  And I'm slowly getting things cleared up and put back in order so we can actually be open.  I haven't had the studio open since May 7th.  That's almost 9 weeks.  I can't wait to get things more back to normal.