Fire Ant Update

According to my friend Shari McNair, all ants will swarm after a rain.  It seems obvious that's what was happening when I managed to get stung so many times.  We really hadn't had any measurable rain all of last week during the time I was getting stung.  Of course, measurable rain for a human is probably way different than measurable rain to an ant colony.

I looked it up online and there are lots of credible websites, like Texas A&M for instance, who have articles about how ants react to rain.  They agree that ants do NOT forecast the rain but they do actively seek out protection from the rain, like moving into your kitchen. And they will jump up and move the colony as needed because of the rain.  Fire Ants are among the most conscientious about moving all members of the colony including the queen and all the eggs and pupae to a safer location.

So thanks to Shari for the important ant update.  And now that we have had some real rain - this morning we had 2 inches - I will be especially careful of the ants coming to get me... wait. I mean the ants swarming.