Fiber Christmas in July and Our New Investigative Reporter


We got back from the Fiber Christmas in July in Kellyville, Oklahoma this past Sunday evening.  The show was a hoot!  This was the 10th anniversary for this show so there were specially created mugs to celebrate the occasion along with general merriment by all.  We saw friends old and new and had nice sales.  Kellyville is just southwest of Tulsa so we were able to enjoy one wonderful meal in Tulsa while we were there.  The drive from Houston up to the Tulsa area is very familiar to us.  We spent years hauling horses and our kids up to Tulsa for the Welsh Pony Show in the fall.  Peggy's two youngest boys and my daughter all rode there as did Peggy and I for several years.  In this case, the drive both coming and going was completely uneventful, which is the best of all possible outcomes.

I've had a fairly quiet week getting all the inventory put away and the boxes and bags put back in the trailer.  Our internet has been very persnickety this week so I'll get this posted as quickly as I can before it all goes away again.  It's the price we often pay for living out in the country.

While we were in Kellyville last weekend I got a note from my husband who was here at home with all the animals.  It looks like we have a new investigative reporter on staff in the person, or cat, of Pedy.  Pedy is the only male cat among our clowder of cats and has never been shy about pushing the envelope of what is desired or expected from a cat.  Here is the report I received...


Good Morning.  Our top story this morning;  Goat Chow in the Diarrhea

“I’m on location this morning in NE Colorado County west of Houston.  I’m speaking with Ron Nelson, here on the scene.  Please tell me, in your own words, what happened?”

Dr. Nelson responded, “Well, I woke up about 6:30 this morning hearing a dog barking.  I stumbled out and found the dog in a mess of poop.  Her bed was covered in it.  I saw no one else around so like any patriotic American, I stepped in to help.”

“The dog, Sadie, is a black lab cross and is about 3 years old.  She apparently ate some old tossed-out goat chow yesterday which did not cause any problems until this morning.”

“Tell me Mr. Nelson, what did you do?" asked Pedy.

“First, it is Dr. Nelson.  I got her out of the accident to safety outside and removed all bedding.  I gave her a bath on the porch with Dawn.  You know, the stuff they wash the ducks with.  I cleaned off the diarrhea from the bedding, underlying bedding pan, and the trail from the bed to the back door.  She was not happy with it, but it was the best for her.”

“So, what’s next?" asked Pedy. 

“Without any help, I will follow up laundering the bedding materials and stay by her the rest of today to make sure she does not have any relapses.”

“There you have it" reported Pedy.  "A Good Samaritan in the country helps out in a pinch.”

“More news at 11.”

 “I’m Pedy, signing off in NW Colorado County.”

I had no idea we had such a great reporter in such close proximity.  Pedy's next story will be included in my next blog.