February 2022

I need to start out by saying that this February hasn't been nearly as bad as last February. Last year we were without power intermittently for four days in subzero weather. We had no water in the house for a couple of weeks because of broken pipes from the freeze. It was a long miserable time for us although we didn't loose any lives out here like they did in Houston and other parts of Texas. This year has been better.

Compared to last February, today is pretty reasonable. But it is still cold: 37 degrees and rain.  So, not quite as miserable as 33 degrees and rain but close. The pastures are about as brown as they ever get in the winter.

I have a barn full of hay so all the animals have hay to munch on in their cozy shelters. And it's supposed to stop raining and clear up as well as warm up next week.