Fall Shearing and Other Things

I can't believe it's almost September. It's still hot here, as usual for this time of year. Our first breath of cool air rarely happens this early. We think of October or November for our first chilly morning but most of us who live in this climate are ever hopeful for some wisp of coolness in September.

The goats were sheared back at the beginning of August. I only have two Angora goats right now but the two dairy goats weren't completely left out. They got their feet trimmed. They don't like it but they walk better afterwards.

We were supposed to have our grandsons for a week before they went back to school but the older one got sick and went home on day three. We kept the younger one until later in the week when they both had Meet the Teacher night before school began. It's the first time I've had only one grandchild rather than the pair of them. It was great. Now I see why my grandmother was always so keen to take my brother and sisters and I places individually. One of the things we did together was dye some fiber. The BFL & Silk came out great and we both had a great time. Tuck picked the colors for his batch so his name went of those bumps.

Two weeks later we kept our granddaughters over a weekend so their parents could go to a concert. It was the weekend before they went back to school so there was a certain amount of angst on their part although we had a great time. They helped me out here in the studio fluffing fiber, stamping inventory tags and getting all sorts of stuff put away.

Since sometime back in July, we have been waiting for rain. It has been raining in various parts of the Houston area the last few weeks but not until this past week did we get any. And boy did we ever get some. Nearly 10" of rain fell on us in one day. It was great! Suddenly the grass turned green, the trees stood up taller and the frogs went nuts. It was wonderful. We could do it again a few more times. That would really be wonderful.