Fall into Winter

This is a funny time of year.  We have already had temperatures below freezing but it's 70 degrees today.  It's supposed to be colder tomorrow but stunning the next day.  We have roses blooming,

the ferns are as happy as can be,

the shrimp plants look like they are covered with shrimp,

and oranges ripening on the trees

all the while the pecan trees are losing their leaves

the red oak has turned red,

the sea oats are drying up and beginning to rustle when the wind hits them,

and annuals are dying back.

I think we all think our weather is the most unusual and the most changeable.  Certainly our very long and very hot summer is different than summers in Maine or Chicago.  Our winters are very different from those places also.  Every place I've been people say "Just wait five minutes and our weather will change!"  We say that here too but of course we don't mean our summer which is unrelentingly hot and humid, we mean our winters.  It's curious.