Easter Festivities

We often have to adjust holiday schedules to get the family together.  Both my kids have in-laws who also celebrate holidays and working out the time table for all can be complicated.  I'm really pleased that everyone lives within hailing distance so airline flights are not required, nor are car trips over an hour and a half.  We are very fortunate that most years we get the kids on Christmas mornings so I don't complain about celebrating any other holiday on a different day.  Thanksgiving on the previous Tuesday?  Sure.  Or three weeks early?  Sure.  It's all good for me. Getting everyone together is the important thing.  This year our Easter get-together was on Good Friday. All the adults were off of work and all the kids were out of school. Perfect!


Growing up, our Easter morning was always met with candy hidden all over the house. It was mostly jelly beans and candy corn and my dad was amazing at hiding all the little candies.  Book bindings were his favorite hiding spot but basically anything sitting on a shelf or in the bookcase or on the dresser or coffee table was fair game.  Our Easter baskets, complete with chocolate bunnies and Easter grass, were usually next to our beds when we woke up although sometimes Mom would write up clues for us to find them.  It was not unusual to find random jelly beans at some point during the summer or when we were putting out decorations for Christmas.  Dad was really good at hiding them almost in plain sight.

When my kids were little we did Easter pretty much like I did as a child.  There were baskets of Easter grass and chocolate along with small non-chocolate candies hidden all over the house.  I liked that tradition but it has changed through the years.  This year, like the last several years, we have decorated hard boiled eggs, hidden plastic eggs full of candy out in the front garden or over in the orchard for the little kids to find. My daughter-in-law, who is a fabulous photographer, takes the opportunity with all four grandkids together, to take wonderful group photos.  And there is always a meal of some sort - usually sandwiches, chips, salad and fruit.

This year my responsibility in addition to the lunch makings was the hard boiled eggs for decorating.  My kids brought the Easter egg dyes along with the plastic eggs and the candy.  They even filled the eggs and hid them in the front garden.  And they brought confetti eggs.  If I had thought of confetti eggs ahead of time I would have made them myself but I didn't think of them.  Bless my daughter for rounding up all the little kids and getting them outside to do the confetti eggs.

We had a blast.  And I'm exhausted.  And we'll be eating egg salad for a week!