Early Spring

I am a little bit concerned about all the trees, bushes and plants in general that seem to think it really is spring and they should get on with flowering.  We still have lots of time for the weather to shift and get really cold again.  Even down below freezing again.

All this flowering seemed ever so appropriate this past Friday when it was full sunshine and a light breeze with temperatures at about 80 degrees.

We will certainly get back to 80 degrees again but for now we are dark and overcast with temperatures in the 50's.  We will struggle to get above 60 today.

We are supposed to have yet another cold front come through the beginning of next week with cold rain and temps trying to get up into the 50's.

Ah, yes.  The rollercoaster ride that is spring in Texas.

Even the loquat is setting fruit.

Of course, the trees and bushes and plants in general are probably much more aware of when spring is coming and when it gets here than we mere mortals are.

I will officially stop worrying now.