Dryer Balls are Back!

Our dryer balls are hand felted by our friend Abby Van Hoeven.  We love Abby.  We helped her to learn to spin years back and she has blossomed into an amazing spinner, knitter and felter.  She has always made our dryer balls.  Mostly because neither Peggy nor I have the patience to make them.  They require felting needles with Peggy isn't allowed to have because of her tendency to injure herself and then faint when she sees blood.  They also require time and attention which I would rather put towards weaving.  So Abby has been a godsend.


Abby brought us 9 sets of dryer balls yesterday.  That is 36 hand felted dryer balls.  She says she is totally finished with the fun and frustration that is hand felting dryer balls.  I believe her.  I think these are the last dryer balls we will have unless we stumble upon another young 'en who is willing to do the work.

The dryer balls are now available on the website and if there are any left we will have them at our next show - Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta at the Seguin - Guadalupe County Coliseum in Seguin, TX May 3-4, 2019.