Display Items

Because we do a variety of fiber festivals, we have acquired a nice range of display equipment.  Some of the items we have bought but most have been made for us by family members.  Peggy's husband, Mike, put together several heads we use to display hats along with several fancy "t" posts that sit up on top of our shelves for scarves.  

My kids have made us several thing we use at every show.  We have a great old rickety ladder that would be treacherous to climb on but is perfect for scarves and small bins of fiber.  We have a rack that hangs on the outside of our booth with clothespins so we have a perfect place to post pictures of items we have for sale.  

We have a towel rack that swivels and will hold most of our towels.  

Our latest item arrived this past Christmas.  My son made this great "ladder".  It rests against the wall so we can display towels, scarves or shawls.  Right now it graces my studio holding scarves.